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Technical Brain

    Since 1992 Lee Baldwin has worked in user experience design, web content creation and driving his own copywriting practice in Vancouver, BC and Honolulu, HI. From 1995 - 1999 he led a team of 12 UI designers at Netscape Communications in Mountain View, CA.

    More recently in large teams such as at Cisco Systems, Baldwin provided visionary navigation interfaces that made video content as accessible as a document. His work is strong on user inquiry, leading to activity flows that enable ordinary humans to be successful in a geek-centric world.

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Artistic Brain

    In modern glass art, Baldwin pioneered a contemporary design style resulting in unusual 3D effects in his stained glass window commissions.

    Later he developed a painting style he termed Hard-Edge Impressionism, images composed of faceted areas of flat color.

    Baldwin has published two contemporary novels on Amazon.

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